Flight 1000 2017 now open for applications

Are you interested in Spread the Word's bursary programme?


What is it about Flight 1000?

Flight 1000 Alumni Marianne, Shreeta, Sara, Jennifer and Sanya share their thoughts on the Associate role

Caleb Femi - Young People's Laureate for London

Announcing the launch of a new programme of poetry development, and a new cultural leader for young people.

Free bursary places

For our Autumn/ Winter programme of workshops

The Poetics of Landscape

Explore lyrical perspectives on landscape, through the poet's 'I'- with Ishion Hutchinson

Interview with Laurie Bolger

"The poetry landscape is looking pretty fresh at the moment if you ask me."


Penguin Random House launch new campaign to find and mentor writers from backgrounds currently underrepresented on the nation's bookshelves

Cat's Cradle

for writers who do facilitation work, run by Jasmine Cooray, and hosted by Spread the Word

Interview with Stephanie Victoire

Almasi League alumnus shares her writing journey, from workshops to publication

Read the latest edition of Flight Journal

Flight Journal Editors Marianne Tatepo, Sara Jafari and Shreeta Shah share their editorial for Issue 2 of the short story journal


Free Reads 2016-17

Spread the Word is accepting applications from low-income writers for free editorial reads of their work

London Writers Network

Funding, Grants, and Developing Your Writing Career - Storify

Shreeta Shah reflects on her first six months as a Flight 1000 Associate

Reading, editing, social media, more reading and hoping time will pass slowly

Interview with Vinay Patel

The inspiring scriptwriter talks to Spread the Word's Sara Jafari

Interview with Debs Newbold

The vibrant writer / performer talks displacement, Mark Rylance and specificity ahead of her appearance at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Interview with Karen McCarthy Woolf

Karen explores the relationship between movement and poetry to mark an exciting new collaborative project

Where would we be without indie publishers?

Flight Associate Sanya Semakula talks with Influx Press Co-founder Kit Caless