An interview with
Theresa Lola


FourHubs, a new magazine and website for poets, screenwriters, playwrights and novelists is running a competition over the next few weeks. We chat with writer and founder, Theresa Lola. 


Can you explain a bit more about FourHubs? What is it and what do you do?

FourHubs is a lifestyle magazine for writers in all fields, it features articles, opportunities, photo spreads, diary entries and more. It aims to just be a relaxed platform for writers, whether it’s tips on writers block, or an anonymous diary entry, its the perfect place to get to explore your writing field better, we are currently working on our next issue.

Why do writers need their own platform like FourHubs?

A platform like FourHubs is a place whether writers are shown in a new light, there is a new wave of writers who are trail blazers and featured in arts and culture magazines, and we felt one solely as a relaxation hub for writers was needed. From insightful interviews, to three-page spread photo shoots, we are excited about all the new things we can do. General submissions will be open soon.  

We hear a lot about the death of magazines in a digital age? Why have you decided to have a print edition?

We felt it was important for a magazine of this nature to start of physical, we want something that is tangible, people to hold it, feel it, store it, understand the value of what we are doing.

Why did you decide to run a prize?

The prize is being run as another entry point into continued professional development, to not only award a writer cash for outstanding work but to also be part of their continued development.

What are you looking for when it comes to prize entries? Is there a style or genre that really works for you?

There is no specific style the judge is looking for, work that is bold, interesting, captivating and unflinchingly unique in its voice will always stand out amongst others.