My day at the Poetry Lab
by Abdullahi


In June 2017, 27 young London poets aged 25 and under gathered for Spread the Word’s Young People’s Laureate for London Poetry Lab at the Roundhouse in Camden. In this blog, Poetry Lab participant Abdullahi shares his thoughts and experience about the day.

I have never signed for a workshop before and to be part of this was me stepping out of my comfort zone. I applied for this on a whim that I wouldn’t be accepted but still did it with an ounce of hope. On receiving the email that I was successful – it honestly made my day. I searched up the artists who were involved and listened to their poetry in order to familiarise myself with their greatness. For me, Jolade & Caleb stuck out for me as I was able to relate to their pieces.

My experience during the workshop was great. Every single artist had a different way of teaching us how to freestyle or grow as poets/writers. Passing the book around or using one word terms to formulate pieces was a challenge but I found it to be doable. Since everyone in the room was around the same age we were able to connect more and share a good laugh. I felt really welcomed and out of my comfort zone which allowed me to raise my hand and share my work that I created within the activities. The only downside is that I wished the artists showcased their work or gave us a little performance.

I now look back at the pieces I created in the workshop and how it’s allowed me to grow as a poet. That we need to take step out of our own bubble and explore what the world has to offer us. Would I do this again? Definitely!

I personally would like thank to Patrice Lawrence for this great workshop, without whom this day would not have been possible. Secondly, to the artists who helped us create a beautiful piece.

by Abdullahi

Check out the video, ‘A Poem For London’, written by 27 young London based poets at the Poetry Lab:


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