Finding the Centre; A Life-Writing Masterclass with Colin Grant

Are you keen to write your life story but not sure how to go about it? Colin Grant will help you kickstart and shape your unique story for the page.

All writing begins with experience, but how you translate that experience is what matters when crafting your own story for the page.

This course is for writers who wish to transform the truth and experience of their own lives into memoir, with the focus on developing techniques of how to tell your personal story.

Colin Grant, an experienced tutor and author, will guide you to the centre of your story, whilst exploring the technical and creative opportunities and challenges of life writing.

What will you do on the course?
The course will include short practical exercises in beginning, structuring, and ending your story. There will be group discussion and brief one-to-one consultation. Bring a short example of your writing you’d like help with.

Participants are encouraged to read Colin’s memoir Bageye at the Wheel in advance of attending (although this is not a pre-requisite for participation in the course, but we think might be of great interest and help for burgeoning life-writers).

Who is it for?
Budding life writers – maybe you’ve started writing from your life but are unsure how to proceed, or maybe you’ve always wanted to start writing your memoir but are not sure how to go about it.

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