Fusing Life Writing and Fiction with Jacqueline Crooks

Fact and fiction are the roots and branches of the same tree. Fuse the two with guided writing exercises by Jacqueline Crooks, author of The Ice Migration.

Using multi-sensory aids and writing exercises, you will use fragments from your life to transmogrify your experiences into vibrant stories. Starting by creating signposts and maps of your life using specially designed handouts, group and individual writing exercises, you will develop your unique story fusing fact and fiction.

What will you do on the workshop?

The workshop will explore life writing by developing your personal signposts and maps of your life story, fiction through a streams of consciousness writing exercise, then fusion of both fact and fiction to create your own story and exploration of different points of view.

Who is it for?

The workshop is suitable for writers at all stages from beginners to advanced. It is particularly suited to people who have a life story that they want to tell and what the opportunity to explore a variety of genres.

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Jacqueline Crooks

Workshop Leader

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Jacqueline is a Jamaican-born UK writer. She writes about Caribbean migration and Caribbean sub-cultures.

Her debut short story collection, The Ice Migration, is published by Peepal Tree Press. Her individual stories have been shortlisted in the Asham Award and Wasafiri New Writing competitions and have appeared in: Virago and Granta; the Woven Tale Press; and MsLexia. She has an MA in Creative and Life Writing from Goldsmiths University. She is the recipient of an Arts Council England Individual Artist award for her writing. She delivers writing workshops to socially excluded communities, primarily older people, refugees and asylum seekers, disadvantaged children and young people.