Getting to Where You Want To Be with Eva Lewin

Are you at a cross-roads in your creative career? Is your day job flourishing but your creative practice feeling the squeeze?

How about taking time out to think afresh on where you're now as a writer and where you want to be a couple of years from now and what you can do to make that happen?

Getting to Where You Want to Be is a three-part coaching session led by Spread the Word’s Writer Development Manager, Eva Lewin. It uses a questionnaire, 90 minutes face-to-face coaching, a bit of homework and a follow-up phone session to help you get an overview of where you are now, clarify your goals and identify your choices and opportunities ahead. In the coaching you can also look at how you can deal with obstacles and habits that might hold you back and the skills, strengths and resources that you can use. From this discussion you can map out your route and the steps to achieving your goals. 

In a 90-minute long session, you will have a space in which you can unplug from the day-to-day and explore what you want to achieve in your creative work and to envisage and think through the routes for getting there. As the coach, Eva’s role is to listen to you and to prompt you with questions to help you to generate ideas, find your own solutions and set yourself realistic steps forward. 

This session is useful for any stage of your creative career where getting a perspective and a plan is what you need: whether you are starting out, or mid-way juggling different projects or doing something else altogether. 

You are welcome to contact if you would like to discuss anything with Eva before booking. This is especially advised if you have experienced a significant life event, such as a bereavement or separation, in the past year. 

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Eva Lewin

Writer Development Manager

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Eva Lewin is Writer Development Manager at Spread the Word. Eva has worked with writers and in the literature field for over 20 years. She is an RD1st accredited coach (ILM Level 7 equivalent) and receives regular professional supervision.