Online Course: Writing Voice-Driven Fiction with Clare Fisher

Discover and develop your voice as a fiction-writer with Clare Fisher. Learn how voice interacts with and inspires character, setting and plot to create compelling and original literature.

Voice is central to creating gripping and distinctive fiction, but how do you find ‘your’ voice as a writer? What if your voice is very different from those of your characters? This course will, through a variety of writing prompts, reading exercises, short assignments and feedback, encourage you to experiment and expand your understanding of voice. By the end of the course, you will have developed a keener sense of your own unique relationship to language as a writer and the ways in which you can use voice to harness this.

What will you do on the course?

We will read and discuss extracts which demonstrate interesting ways of approaching voice in fiction. Through three assignments, we will explore different approaches to voice, and to using voice as a source of character and narrative tension. Giving and receiving feedback from other students will help to develop your work over the course, and you will also receive written feedback from Clare for two assignment pieces.

Who is it for? 

Writers at any stage of their writing who are keen to explore their use of voice in fiction are welcome.

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Course Timetable

Course tutor Clare Fisher will upload assignments containing exercises and reading materials once a fortnight on the following dates:

Thursday 7 March
Thursday 21 March
Thursday 4 April

Assignments for each week will be due by the following Thursday, with feedback and discussion for the work written each week to take place between:

Assignment 1: Thursday 14 March - Wednesday 20 March
Assignment 2: Thursday 28 March - Wednesday 3 April
Assignment 3: Thursday 11 April – Wednesday 17 April

We ask that participants commit to providing feedback to at least 1 other participant for each feedback period. Clare Fisher will give feedback on two of the three assignments you complete during the course.

Although this is not concrete, to help with your planning we would suggest that completing each assignment will take a minimum of 3 hours, and feedback takes around 1 hour for one piece of work.

The course will take place online and will require you to have access to the internet in the dates above. Because of this, we ask that you are confident with using simple online sharing platforms, or at least willing to explore with guidance from Spread the Word. Full instructions will be emailed to participants a week before the course starts. Although there will be no live chats, there will be opportunities to interact with other course participants via feedback and general discussion.

The course will run with a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 15.

Clare Fisher

Course Tutor

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Clare Fisher was born in 1987 in Tooting, south London. Her debut novel All the Good Things was published by Penguin in 2017. In June 2018 her first collection of short stories, How the Light Gets In, was published by Influx Press.