Time Management for Writers
with Moyra Scott

Do you struggle to make time for writing? Would you like to know how to make time to write and get stuff done?

Moyra Scott is a Productivity Expert and Coach with many years’ experience in both the creative and the corporate world. As a creative herself she understands how tricky it can be to make time for creative work. From overcoming this herself, to helping many hundreds of others take control of their time, she will teach you how to make time, prioritise effectively, fight off distractions and get stuff done.

What will you do in the workshop?

A facilitated discussion that will look at the common issues writers face and best ways to overcome them. You will leave the session armed with a plan and a toolkit for productivity – please bring your diary.

Who is it for?

Writers of any kind, who are struggling to get stuff done and want to learn how to be more productive.

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Moyra Scott

Workshop Leader

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Moyra Scott has been a productivity geek since 2011. Prior to this, she worked in Film and TV as a production coordinator and latterly as an Archive Producer, mainly in documentaries. She was never a naturally organised person; it was something she had to consciously learn. Moyra believes that it is this that makes me a good teacher - It’s been her own journey. Now, she loves working with creative people and showing them simple techniques that can create the space and time for them to focus and do their best work. In 2017, Moyra qualified as Business and Leadership Coach and set up her own practice. She also works as Lead Capacity Builder for a Culture Change consultancy called Then Somehow. She lives in Brighton with my family and balance my productivity coaching with painting large semi abstract paintings and running art workshops. Her website is www.moyrascott.com