Who are we now?
Life Writing post-Brexit and beyond with Katy Massey

Interested in memoir and life writing? Do you have a story to tell about how your life in the UK has changed since the Brexit referendum? Then this workshop is for you.

You’ll write a piece of writing based on your own experience of the social upheaval started by the Brexit referendum result and continuing to this day. After the workshop you are invited to submit your work to appear in an anthology of Who Are We Now? authors (due to be published online and in print in spring 2019). It could also become part of a digital space where stories will be showcased online to a global audience.

What will you do on the course?

Through short exercises, reading and discussion you’ll learn how to share and craft your experience of social change. Together, we’ll learn how to write interesting and creative true-life pieces, by focusing on an incident or situation in the recent past and reflecting on how it has impacted your life and the people around you.

Who is it for?

The workshop does not assume any experience of life writing. It is ideal for beginners and fiction and poetry writers who find themselves drawn to non-fiction by recent events.

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Katy Massey

Workshop Leader

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Katy worked for many years as a freelance financial journalist, writing short fiction and memoir in my spare time. After 15 years freelancing, she needed a change and returned to education, culminating in a self-funded PhD in Creative Writing. This allowed Katy to write her own family’s complicated story, while researching memoir, and finding out why the lives of some people are much less likely to be recorded, and lauded, than others. After graduating, she started working on ways to encourage non-writers to author their life stories, particularly those whose experiences are under-represented in literature.

Today, Katy writes memoir and fiction while also producing writing projects that nurture new voices. Recently, her autobiographical piece ‘Don’t Mention Class’ was accepted by Unbound for the Kit De Waal edited collection Common People. She is also working on The Cleansing, a novel imagining post-Grenfell London after a large-scale attack. Her writing projects include Tangled Roots a unique anthology of memoir by more than 30 members of mixed race families, supported by a live literature tour and exhibition of portraiture. ‘Who are we now?’ builds on this work, by collecting and showcasing first person responses to the process and aftermath of the Brexit referendum and the prospect of a post-European future.