Headspace –
Coaching for Creative Writers


Headspace is Spread the Word’s new scheme to support talented writers (fiction, poetry, drama/screenplays, non-fiction) bring about changes in their creative practice or careers that will advance their creative work and professional opportunities.

What is coaching?

Coaching is simply you and the coach in a one-hour session. It is a space for you to unplug from the day-to-day and explore what you want to achieve in your creative work and to envisage and think through the routes for getting there.

The agenda is entirely yours and the coach’s role is to listen to you and to prompt you with questions to help you to generate ideas, find your own solutions and set yourself realistic steps towards achieving your goals. Coaching can be a very effective way to:

  • affirm and revitalise your creative vision and ambition
  • provide you with reflection, insight and decision-making techniques
  • build your confidence and resilience
  • address unhelpful habits and behaviours.

(Please note that coaching is not about advice giving or feedback on creative work and does not involve personal counselling. All discussion is confidential. )

What do we mean by ‘changes in creative practice or career’?

As a writer you may have a sense of what you want to achieve but you need to thrash out the how and the when of doing it, and perhaps touch base again with the creative vision that set you off in the first place. You may want to focus on something that is a medium or long-term aim or something very immediate and time limited, for example:

  • Choosing between different creative opportunities and taking one forward.
  • Building your profile and reaching more readers
  • Earning a better living for yourself as a writer
  • Re-thinking the actual writing that you do or the projects you undertake
  • Using the time you have to best support your creative practice and achieve your creative goal

Whatever your creative aim and dilemma is, if coaching can help you address it, we would love to hear from you.

What you will get

  • Four highly subsidised coaching sessions with an accredited coach, typical value £270
  • Sessions to run between 4 to 6 months as works best for you
  • Set your own aims and goals and routes towards them
  • Regular check-ins on your progress and the scope to re-adjust your plans/choices
  • An evaluation framework to help you and us see how this scheme is working for you

Who is the coach?

Your coach will be Eva Lewin, Spread the Word’s Writer Development Manager.   Eva has worked with writers and in the literature field for over 20 years.   Alongside larger project work, she provides one-to-one support for writers through feedback surgeries and professional development coaching. She is an RD1st accredited coach (ILM Level 7 equivalent) and receives regular professional supervision. Eva’s coaching approach is “to offer you the space and time to pay attention to yourself as writers and your capacity to generate new possibilities and ways of working for yourself and to forge your own creative pathway”.

Who is the Headspace scheme for?

This scheme is for writers with a track record of publication or production and early career writers with fewer credits but who can show time investment and commitment to their work.   We are keen that writers apply who would not otherwise have access to coaching. If you have any questions please email hello@spreadtheword.org.uk and use the subject line ‘Headspace coaching query’.

Is there a charge and when and would coaching start?

There is a small fee. Full price: £90 for a total of four sessions. Concessions price: £45 for a total of four sessions. Please see our concessions policy; we will ask for proof of status after shortlisting.

Coaching dates will be arranged individually with each writer, and can begin in July and must be completed by May 2018. Coaching sessions can take place at Spread the Word on Mondays, Tuesdays or Fridays in person, or phone/Skype depending on time of day.

What do you need to do?

If this sounds like the right opportunity for you, please:

1) Email us a letter telling us what the coaching would help you achieve and why you need it now. In your letter please include a paragraph about your aims for the creative work.
2) Include your writer’s CV
3) Include a sample of your current creative work (prose 1000 words, poetry 30 lines total, screenplay/drama: 20 pages).
4) Please say if you are applying for the £90 or the £45 concessionary rate.

Please email your application to: hello@spreadtheword.org.uk with the subject line ‘Headspace coaching application’ by 19 June.

We will talk to shortlisted writers by phone in the week beginning 3 July and advise you of our final decisions by 7 July.



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