Kate Ivanova on ‘Being’


Kate Ivanova’s story Being was shortlisted for the 2018 Life Writing Prize. She explains a bit more about why she wrote it and what it is about.

‘My story Being plays around with the notion of space, identity and obviously memory. I am fascinated with the topic of remembrance and especially when it comes to remembering one’s childhood. Memoir and autobiography are interesting genres to me because I know that we are unable to tell stories from an objective point of view. I wrote my short story while reflecting on my post-Soviet identity, how it shaped me and how it expresses itself through me in my everyday life. The place that my snippets are set in is a typical Eastern European suburbia. The Crimean neighbourhood has haunted me so much throughout my teenage years when I moved out of there, that I felt an irresistible urge to write about it.’ 

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