Deptford Literature Festival is partnering with TOKEN Magazine to produce their first-ever anthology themed on climate, nature and food and we need your writing to be part of it!


Illustration by Nina Goodyer

Deptford Literature Festival is partnering with TOKEN Magazine, to produce their first-ever anthology themed on climate, nature and food.  

In this special edition anthology, TOKEN is looking for writing inspired by climate, nature and food by London based Black, Asian and Global Majority writers, with a preference for writers who live in or are associated with Deptford and Lewisham.

We’re looking for short stories and creative non-fiction of up to 5,000 words. We want to celebrate both the richness of the area, the literature that comes from it, and the ever-timely themes of climate, nature and food. That said, you are given the freedom to approach the themes of climate, nature and/or food as closely or loosely as you wish.

The deadline for submissions is 10am Monday 9 January 2023. The anthology will be published for Deptford Literature Festival on 18 March 2023.


TOKEN Magazine, founded in 2017, is a literature and arts print magazine that features under-represented writers and artists. It is rau single-handedly by Sara Jafari, with the aim of championing under-represented voices, and telling stories that are not often heard through mainstream channels.

Submission guidelines

  • Submissions must be inspired by climate, nature or food (you can choose to explore one theme or all of them). You can loosely interpret the themes, if you wish.

  • Submissions are open to Black, Asian and Global Majority writers based in London, with a preference for writers based in or associated with the areas of Deptford or Lewisham (though this is not essential).

  • We are accepting entries of short stories or creative nonfiction of between 2000 – 5000 words. By creative non-fiction we mean writing that uses literary devices and writing conventions as seen in poetry and fiction, but is based on actual facts or observations.

  • We only accept works that have not been published before (though if part of it has, that’s fine).

  • Support from Arts Council England means we are able to offer a £75 fee to all selected contributors, who will also receive a copy of the magazine.

  • There will also be a launch event in March, part of Deptford Literature Festival, in which the selected writers will be invited to read their works if they’d like.

  • We’ll only be accepting one written submission per submitter, due to the amount of submissions we receive. So please send your best work.

How to submit 

Please submit via this Submittable form by the deadline of Monday 9 January 2023, 10am:


You’ll need to register for a Submittable account, but this is free to do.

If you have any questions about submitting, please contact [email protected]

Good luck with your submission!

Published 8 December