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We want to see a world where writers being published, profiled and celebrated are representative of the diverse and creative city and world we live in.

With the average income of a writer in the UK being £12,500 (Remuneration of authors of books and scientific journals, translators, journalists and visual artists for the use of their works, European Commission September 2016) ; making a living and developing a career as a writer in London is extremely challenging. Spread the Word strives to make sure that talented writers, regardless of their background, can access opportunities to create great writing to be enjoyed by readers and audiences everywhere.

Since we were founded in 1995, writers we have supported have been shortlisted for and won internationally recognised awards including the Betty Trask Awards, The Forward Prize for Best New Collection, the TS Eliot Prize, Brunel African Poetry Prize, BBC National Short Story Award and featured on a Beyoncé album.

“Spread the Word has been crucial in my development as a writer, producing fantastic projects that help writers at every level from every background imaginable. I honestly can’t imagine the literary landscape without them.”
– Irenosen Okojie, author of Butterfly Fish and Speak Gigantular

But they can’t do it all on their own. Writers need support to find their way into the industry, to develop their art, to create professional networks, and to realise the extent of their abilities and ambitions. That’s our job.

By donating to Spread the Word, you will be supporting writers in London to grow, thrive and make their mark on the world. In 2015-16, we were able to provide 1448 adults from disadvantaged or underrepresented backgrounds with writer development or creative writing sessions. With your support we can reach more people to help them tell their stories.

Thank you for supporting Spread the Word.

Single Donations

£5 one-off

Donate the price of two-ish coffees to help us reach more talented writers from diverse backgrounds living in London.

£10 one-off

You can help us to support the next generation of writers/ editors, to ensure publishing is more representative of our society.

£25 one-off

Your donation could support our research projects, like Writing the Future, helping positive change happen in the publishing industry.

£50 one-off donation

Your generous donation will help us to transform the opportunities for writers who otherwise couldn’t afford to attend our workshops and events.

£ any one-off

Any donation you are able to make will help us support London’s writers and get their writing out to readers and audiences.


Name any milestone in my writing life and you can attach a member of Spread the Word to the team that helped me get there. Every time I walk in to their offices with a crazy idea and hour or so later I walk out with a concrete plan. In a field were it can be hard to see an obvious career path Spread the Word are a guiding light and I for one am grateful.

Nick Makoha

Regular Donations

£5 monthly

For the price of two-ish coffees a month, you can help us make sure that talented writers from underprivileged backgrounds are given the chance to make their mark on the world.

£10 monthly

Your donation will help us support talented writers become professional.

£25 monthly

Your contribution could help us turn emerging writers into published writers.

£50 monthly

This generous donation will help us deliver our community and open-access programme, bringing participatory writing workshops into community spaces and making a positive difference to participants' wellbeing, identity and opportunities.

£ any monthly

Anything you can donate to us regularly will be enormously helpful in ensuring we can continue to seek out new ways to grow as an organisation, and will help us strive to be effective in the way we support writers.


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