Write Together with Kajal Odedra Session One
The power of your story: finding your cause and your voice

An opportunity for writers of all levels to be part of an online writing community, engaging in fortnightly sessions themed around writing and activism.

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*This workshop has been rescheduled from Wednesday 29 September to Wednesday 6 October, 6.30pm-8pm*

You’ll have the opportunity to virtually liaise with other writers, building a community whilst also working on whichever project you choose. Throughout the course of five sessions, you’ll have the chance to learn new techniques, complete short exercises and longer exercises that focus on their projects, exchange ideas and share work. You can sign up for any number of sessions – they are designed to work together or individually.

What will you do in the workshop?

Each workshop will be themed, with each session focusing on a particular aspect of writing.

The theme for this first workshop is: The power of your story: finding your cause and your voice.

The theme for the second workshop is: Language and power: words as tools for oppression and empowerment –  Wednesday 13 October 6.30 – 8.00. More info and book: www.spreadtheword.org.uk/events/write-together-with-kajal-odedra-session-two-language-and-power-words-as-tools-for-oppression-and-empowerment/

The theme for the third workshop is: Flash activism: the art of being concise – Wednesday 27 October 6.30 – 8.00. More info and book: www.spreadtheword.org.uk/events/write-together-with-kajal-odedra-session-three-flash-activism-the-art-of-being-concise/

The theme for the fourth workshop is: Journalism to change the world: long form non-fiction and its impact – Wednesday 10 November 6.30 – 8.00: www.spreadtheword.org.uk/events/write-together-with-kajal-odedra-session-four-journalism-to-change-the-world-long-form-non-fiction-and-its-impact/

The theme for the fifth workshop is: Writing as protest: strategic and restorative practice – Wednesday 24 November 6.30 – 8.00: www.spreadtheword.org.uk/events/write-together-with-kajal-odedra-session-five-writing-as-protest-strategic-and-restorative-practices/

There will be the opportunity to experiment with different mediums, styles and forms. There will be warm up exercises, extended personal writing time, as well as a discussion. One of the sessions will also include an established guest writer offering their unique insight. You should be prepared to test, experiment, play, developing new writing throughout and shaping a path forwards for your writing activism.

What can you expect?

Warm up writing exercises; lively guided writing tasks and exploration of a range of extracts which will serve as a springboard for your own work; tips about how to overcome those difficult moments within the writing process. The exercises will be designed to fit alongside the themes of the course, and help participants gain insight and knowledge on a particular aspect of writing. Each session will endeavour to include an opportunity to ask questions and share work.

Who is this for? 

This course is open to all; however, it would particularly benefit writers at an early stage of their writing journey, or those who are at the beginning of a writing project – whether, poetry, fiction, or non-fiction, all are welcome. It would also benefit writers who would like to have some engagement and find a place discuss writing issues and ideas, in light of the isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

About Kajal Odedra

Kajal Odedra

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Kajal Odedra is an activist and author from the Midlands. She has worked in the campaigns and tech sector for over 14 years and is currently the UK Executive Director for Change.org, the world’s largest online petition website with 400 million users worldwide. She studied creative writing at Goldsmiths University where she was shortlisted for the Pat Kavanagh Award and her writing has appeared in the Guardian, Independent, Stylist and New Statesman. Her first book DO SOMETHING is a blueprint for activism and is out now with Hodder and Stoughton.