The Arts Council England’s Developing Your Creative Practice scheme is for individual artists to apply for lottery funding to develop a new piece of creative work and a new way of working. You can apply for up to £10,000 towards your project which could cover mentoring, time to write, research, or professional development costs. Whatever it is you want to do, the project you have in mind must be about making a step-change in the kind of work you produce.   

If you are not familiar with applying for grant funding, filling out an application form can be a daunting and baffling process. Eva Lewin, Spread the Word’s Writer Development Manager, will be running a free workshop on Tuesday 9 July (6:30-8:30pm) at Spread the Word’s offices for London-based writers. She will talk you through the different questions in the DYCP form to help you think about how you can respond to them.  

Once you have attended the workshop, you can book for a one-to-one with Spread the Word to look at your draft application in more detail.   

For the workshop, you will need:  

  • A clear idea of what your proposed project is, what you want to achieve and how you are going to go about it.  

  • A print out of ACE guidance sheets on completing the application form.  See links below(Make sure you bring the guidance sheet that lists all the questions with prompts for answering the questions as well.)  

  • Please read through all the ACE guidance beforehand, so that you are reasonably sure that what you have in mind is suitable for DYCP funding(If what you want to do involves engaging audiences or participants, then you should go for a Project Grant instead.)  

This workshop will:

  • Give you an insight into the purpose of the fund;

  • Help you think through your project;

  • Assess whether this is the right fund to be applying for;

  • Take you through all stages of the application process;

  • Look at what will make a strong application;

  • Provide opportunities to ask questions and to reflect and gain feedback on your own proposal.

Places are limited and offered on a first come, first served basis. Because of the nature of the workshop, we are only able to offer spaces to applicants whose ideas are suitable for this particular funding stream. We anticipate that demand will be high for the workshop so please only book yourself a place if you are committed to attending. This workshop is open to writers of any literary form including playwriting, screenwriting and graphic novels. We regret that it is not open to artists working in other forms or media.

If you are interested in coming along or have any questions please get in touch:

Published 20 June 2019