Poetry and Place for Lewisham Residents


When times are tough, it can be helpful to turn to art, and to look there for new ways of thinking, space, and comfort. Creative pursuits can give the sense of escapism, even when life feels very confined. Poetry and Place is a short poetry course led by award-winning poet Jamie Hale, exploring life in Lewisham and what we mean by home.

It is for older and isolated people, especially if you have difficulty accessing events that are online (or in person) and is run entirely by post.

The course will have 5 short packs, each of which contains poems, exercises, and tools to help you write your own work in that style. From ballad to haiku, pastoral poetry, sonnet, and acrostic poetry, the course is designed to help you explore and understand the style, before working on creating your own. Thinking about the idea of ‘home’ and how that relates to Lewisham past, present, and future, we will write poems that consider our space in various communities that make up our homes.

For each session you will receive a poetry pack, exercises, and a stamped, addressed envelope with which you can return your poetry for feedback.

At the end of the course, with the writer’s consent, some poems will be published on Spread the Word’s website, and printed onto postcards for distribution around Lewisham

How to take part

If you are interested in participating, please send a letter with your name, address and a brief reason for your interest to:

Poetry and Place
c/o Spread the Word
The Albany Theatre
Douglas Way
London SE8 4AG

The deadline for expressing interest is Wednesday 19 August 2020 and places are limited

Poetry and Place is supported by Spread the Word and funded by the London Borough of Lewisham.

Image: Lewisham High Street in the 1830s.

Published 23 July 2020