Sounding Deptford – a self-guided audio walk by James Wilkes and Joe Rizzo Naudi

Deptford Literature Festival

Welcome to Sounding Deptford – a self-guided audio walk created by James Wilkes and Joe Rizzo Naudi, and part of Deptford Literature Festival. You can take part in the tour in your own time. On this page, we have an audio link to listen to the  tour, a map and a transcript.

The walk is based around four ‘beacons’ located in four places in Deptford. James and Joe have created new poetic sound works, drawn from and inspired by the sounds of Deptford and its communities, and designed specifically to be listened to at each of these sites. To take part, we encourage you to navigate your way to the different locations — via the directions and map below, or via your own circuitous routes — and listen to the pieces in their intended spaces.

You can also follow the route on Google Maps, or download the route as a .gpx file.

Or download a map and directions, including a transcript of the poems (PDF). Printouts of the map will also be available from the Deptford Literature Festival Info Desk at Deptford Lounge on Saturday 16 March 2024.

Written and created by James Wilkes and Joe Rizzo Naudi
Sound design: Michael Umney

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Published 13 March 2024