Writers for Saint Vincent – an evening of readings and fundraising


Writers for Saint Vincent is a special event taking place online on Saturday 24 April, raising funds for the UK-SVG combined response to La Soufriere eruption.

SVG has experienced a continuing series of huge eruptions of its volcano La Soufriere since 9th April and more than 15,000 people have had to leave their homes. The island is blanketed in ashfall which as well as hampering visibility, destroying buildings and destroying agriculture will cause immediate and long term breathing problems.

There are shortages of food, water, PPE, sanitary materials etc. A huge worldwide fundraising and relief effort is talking place amongst the Vincentian diaspora around the world – writers of SVG heritage connection want to play a part in that by attracting a financial contribution from a wider audience.

Spread the Word is supporting the event, which is being co-organised by one of our London Writers Awards alumni, Alexis Keir, whose writing is deeply rooted in and inspired by his Vincentian heritage.

Alexis says: “The small island of Saint Vincent is being battered by repeated eruptions of its volcano La Soufriere. Thousands of people have been displaced to shelters and supplies of water, food and basic living resources are extremely stretched. The spirit and creativity of Vincentians is so strong but they need a lot of support right now to get through this crisis. Writers connected to Saint Vincent, both on and off the island, are coming together to share their words about this beautiful and indomitable nation and its people to give the wider world a change to support them. Do come and join us.”

Tickets are by donation – please dig as deep as you can. We would be grateful if your donations could be placed at £10 or higher please.

This evening will feature readings from writers of Vincentian heritage, and readings of pieces connected with Saint Vincent, including:

LaFleur Cockburn and other members of The Nucleus Writers Group (SVG/Caribbean)

Colin Grant (UK)

Philip Nanton (Saint Vincent/Barbados)

Peggy Carr (Saint Vincent/Taiwan)

H Nigel Thomas (Canada)

Natasha Marks (Saint Vincent)

Michael McMillan (UK)

Deiana Denise Sutherland (UK)

Cecil Browne (UK)

Alexis Keir (UK)

and others TBC.

Lineup is subject to change.

Please support the fundraising effort by joining this special event. Tickets are available by donation here: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/writers-for-saint-vincent-tickets-150906596693

Published 15 April 2021