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Please note that THE TIME launch date has changed from Friday 3 December to Tuesday 21 December due to strike action taking place at the University of Kent and Goldsmiths, University of London. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and look forward to seeing you on 21 December.

COVID-19 has changed time as we know it. Join us at 13:31 on Tuesday 21 December for the online launch of THE TIME – a mobile visual experience created by Varjack-Lowry – and discover what time feels like in an unprecedented time.

From your morning scroll to an afternoon stroll, THE TIME has a way of making less sense during a global pandemic. Whether you’re lost in a loop, the day doesn’t seem to end, or you blinked and a month had passed again, there’s something a little off for everyone attempting to make sense of THE TIME. Enjoy a recap of the last 18 months and a look to the year/s ahead, all straight to your phone, compressed to a social media friendly length.

Created by Varjack-Lowry with young people from South East London, THE TIME responds to the A Day at a Time research of Professor Emily Grabham, Dr Rebecca Coleman and Dr Dawn Lyon. The premiere of THE TIME will be followed by a discussion between the artists and academics on collaboration, creative practice and, of course, time.

COVID-19 has changed time as we know it, in ways that are both prosaic and extraordinary. The temporal organisation and experience of everyday life and relationships have come into view for reflection, debate and the basis of new imagined futures. In informal exchanges, blogs, diaries, social media and journalism, people are grappling with what the temporal instability of the past months means for the present and the future. It is too soon to know whether the COVID-19 pandemic will come to be seen as an episode, event, shock, crisis, emergency, turning point, new epoch, ongoing experience of liminality – that sense of being ‘betwixt and between’ – all of these things or something else altogether. Far from a neutral or unproblematic backdrop then, time is key to how the pandemic has reconfigured everyday life, and in so doing has highlighted already existing differences and inequalities.

THE TIME is captioned and the discussion event will be auto-captioned and BSL interpreted. Free to attend, the launch event will run for 39 minutes from 13:31 to 14:10 on Tuesday 21 December.

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THE TIME is a collaboration between artists Paula Varjack and Chuck Blue Lowry (Varjack-Lowry) with academic researchers in the A Day at a Time project at the University of Kent and Goldsmiths, University of London Rebecca Coleman, Emily Grabham, Dawn Lyon with Nadine Hendry, Chloe Turner and Corine van Emmerick, working alongside the Mass Observation Archive and in partnership with Spread the Word. It is funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

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Published 15 November 2021