All These Frequencies by Anna Starkey

Creative Writing

Anna Starkey’s pamphlet was shortlisted in the Best Unpublished Pamphlet category for the Disabled Poets Prize 2024.

The winners were announced on 16 March 2024, during Deptford Literature Festival, in an online event.


Anna Starkey from All These Frequencies

© Anna Starkey 2024


all these  


lying suspended  


ancient hawthorn and beech  

releasing skin  

into their knowing arms  

slowedup humdown of midsummer  

wraps me in audible activity  

of tiny warmed bodies  

or do I hear electromagnetic earth  

contented cracklings of fields exchanging energies  plainchant of as yet undiscovered forces  

above me glints and hints  

of incessant dancing  

wildly different beings  

animating layers of tree universes  

in simultaneous deep and now time  

all these frequencies  

infusing me  

with hopeful light-green leaf-light  

til bones become branches