Learning in Nine Keys by Norman Miller

Creative Writing

Norman Miller’s pamphlet was shortlisted in the Best Unpublished Pamphlet category for the Disabled Poets Prize 2024.

The winners were announced on 16 March 2024, during Deptford Literature Festival, in an online event.


Norman Miller – from Learning in Nine Keys

© Norman Miller 2024


           Winter Love


Four pm dusk sparks sodium to life

in glass cages, as upright folk head home

to watch re-runs of Sex & The City alone. 


Our mirrors won’t lie any more, baring  

visions no-one’s done pilgrimage for 

since passion plays stood in for love – 


that thing that must be cast with a familiar,

bewitcher, one who turns at the turn of days

to reach for skin not screen, foregoing 


data bits to find connection in the

twilight of a morning room, facing

the old street and watching horizon.


These winter dawns are cold enough for steam

to rise from tea, dews and mingling ghosts

hanging from trees here in our deep south.


We are not rich or beautiful. We have no

followers. Our cool is not absence of heat.

And we love for how far we have come.