Exit Armours by Ozge Gozturk

Creative Writing

Ozge Gozturk’s pamphlet was shortlisted in the Best Unpublished Pamphlet category for the Disabled Poets Prize 2024.

The winners will be announced on 16 March 2024, during Deptford Literature Festival, in an online event.


Ozge Gozturk from Exit Armours

© Ozge Gozturk 2024 


The Chanter

The hands are not mine 

Mother Nafize’s.

The breath is not mine 

Mother Earth’s.

The words are not mine 

Nezihe Muhiddin’s.

The ink is not mine

anonymous heroes’

The chant is not mine, 

it is our chamber’s. Let’s 

sing it together.

Let’s sing it together.