Being Hybrid – A Cheap and Easy Guide to Hybrid Events for the Literature Sector

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CRIPtic Arts and Spread the Word are pleased to announce the launch of the Being Hybrid Guide for festivals, literature organisations and publishers.

Written by Jamie Hale, Director of CRIPtic Arts in consultation with deaf and disabled writers, the Guide is designed to support time- and resource-limited organisations in working out what they need to do to offer the best hybrid programme possible.

With a full return to in-person events, more and more literature organisations are casting Zoom to the winds and reopening doors to welcome back the crowds. In doing this, they are closing the door to people who are more likely to be geographically dispersed, disabled, poorer, have caring responsibilities and who are likely to have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic, where online programming was vital to people’s connection to the world.

The Guide has been developed as a toolkit for programmers of literature events, workshops and festivals and is available in five formats. 

Being Hybird – Full Guide (PDF):

Being Hybrid – Short Guide (PDF):

Being Hybrid – Plain English (PDF / text):

Being Hybrid – Plain English (audio):

spreadthewordwriters · Being Hybrid A Plain English Summary Guide SD 480p

Being Hybrid – a BSL guide: 

Published 14 June 2022