CRIPtic x Spread the Word Salons for deaf and disabled writers – new season open for booking


CRIPtic x Spread the Word are pleased to announce the new season of CRIPtic x Spread the Word Writers’ Salons – bi-monthly online workshops and readings for deaf and disabled writers. 


The Salon aims to support, develop, promote, and feature underrepresented deaf and disabled writers and be an inclusive space where these writers can be part of a community, learn, have fun and share their work. 

The new season starts in June 2022 and runs through to December 2022. Each Salon will have a workshop with an invited facilitator followed by a reading and Q&A from a guest writer and an opportunity for participants to take part in an open mic (five x five mins slots will be available at each Salon).   

The Salon is open to deaf and disabled writers writing in any genre, new or more experienced and is hosted by Jamie Hale. 

The Salon is free to attend and will take place on Zoom. The BSL interpreters are Michelle Wood and Jemima Hoadley.  

CRIPtic x Spread the Word Salon dates and writers 

If you prefer you can email [email protected] to book onto any of these events

On the left is a Brown South Asian man in a flowery shirt standing against a tree with his arms folded, next to a A landscape photograph of a heavy-set woman stood in front of a primarily black backdrop in three-quarters profile. Behind her on the right is a projector screen and part of a circular logo is visible with the letters forming “the” and “po” cut off by the crop of the photo. She wears a very pale grey shirt, a black cropped bolero with full sleeves. Her hair which is multitonal reds and hot pink is swept to the left side, exposing her ear nearest to the camera. She looks serious but with a half smile, mouth open caught mid speech into the stage microphone in front of her. In her right hand she holds an a5 white notebook open with her thumb. There is a white watermark in the bottom right of the image of the same logo from the projection, but fully visible. It is a circle with a drawing of a stick figure holding up a barbell surrounded by the words “Raise the Bar”. In a circle around this it says “Spoken word” and “poetry”. Monday 13 June 2022 

5.30pm – 6.30pm: Introduction to Playwriting workshop with Shahid Iqbal Khan 

7pm – 8pm: reading by Kathryn O’Driscoll + open mic slots 

More info and book here:


a black and white photo of a woman wearing glasses and smiling at the camera alongside an image of a woman wearing a black turban, wearing glasses and smiling at the camera Monday 8 August 2022

5.30pm – 6.30pm: workshop with Hannah Hodgson

7pm – 8pm: reading by Sahera Khan + open mic slots 

More info and book here:


a person with shoulder length brown/ read curly hair wearing a colourful shirt with a tiger on ita close up of a woman's face with blue eyes, dark brown hair and a slight smileMonday 10 October 2022 

5.30pm – 6.30pm: workshop with Emily Howlett on ‘Designing accessible and interactive workshops’

7pm – 8pm: reading with Emily Brenchi + open mic slots (lineup change from Sonny Nwachukwu)

More info and book here:


Black and white photo of an Indonesian woman with short hair, earrings, and a patterned dress, lying down on her front, pen in hand, ready to write. Picture credit: Derrick Kakembo.Monday 12 December 2022 

5.30pm – 6.30pm: workshop ‘Writing the Body’ with Khairani Barokka

7pm – 8pm: reading by Khairani Barokka + open mic slots

More info and book here:


Accessibility Information: 

  • All Salon sessions will be BSL Interpreted by Michelle Wood and Jemima Hoadley and be auto-captioned. 

  • The Salon is a relaxed space.  

  • Open Mic participants and guest readers will be asked to self-describe when introducing themselves. 

  • Any images used at the Salon will be described, and Open Mic participants will be asked to describe any slides or images used in their own work. 

  • We cannot guarantee a trigger-free space, and we will request that people participating in the Open Mic slots flag content likely to trigger. 

  • Please do email us about any other access needs: [email protected]  


What do you mean by d/Deaf and disabled? 

When we say d/Deaf and/or disabled, we include within that neurodivergence, chronic and long-term health conditions and mental health conditions. 

Do I need to sign up for the workshop and the reading to take part in the Salon? 

No. You can sign up just for the workshop or the reading or for both.  

How do I sign up to take part in the Open Mic? 

  • There will be five x 5 minute Open Mic slots available at each Salon.
  • Book a ticket for the reading or a joint workshop and reading ticket and you will be sent a Google Form to apply for a slot at the open mic. (This is also available as a Word document by request). We’ll let you know if you have an Open Mic slot by the Wednesday before the Salon takes place and you will be asked to send through copies of the work you will be reading for the BSL interpreters by the Friday morning before the Salon takes place. 

  • We expect the open mic slots to be oversubscribed and will prioritise writers reading from a range of genres and those who have not read at the Salon before.  


Published 11 April 2022

Updated 6 September 2022