Don’t Get Bitter, Get Better


We’re hosting ‘Don’t Get Bitter, Get Better’ – a series of informal writing feedback workshops led by poet Carmina Masoliver.

During the workshops participants are encouraged to share their non-successes, in order to shed light on the fact that everyone faces rejection and disappointment and we don’t need to suffer alone or compare ourselves with others. Remembering that ‘success’ with anything is a combination of hard work and luck, and the only way to build yourself as a writer is to improve your craft and have a supportive network to help you get better. You can’t count on a ‘lucky break’, but you can put in the time and effort to develop.

It’s an opportunity for writers to build each other up again from any knock-backs, act as a platform for sharing and critiquing each other’s work, and provides an opportunity to meet in person through a monthly writing group with a focus on editing existing work.

Spaces are limited to seven and you can book here:

If you’re a writer interested in booking our Room 9 space, either for your own work or to host a group, get in touch at [email protected]

Published 11 October 2018