This Is Our Place Online Nature Writing Workshop with Laura Barker and LiLi K. Bright
BSL Interpreted

Explore nature writing in the city with Laura Barker and LiLi K. Bright

a composite of two images: one, a person standing with their hands on their hips in a field, the other - a person wearing a flower in their hair, wearing glasses with a huge smile

In this welcoming online writing workshop, you’ll explore nature writing, your own unique perspective of the natural world around you and your place in it. This workshop is part of This Is Our Place, a nature writing project for London. It is BSL interpreted by Michelle Wood and Ali Gordon. There is a short form to complete when you’ve booked a place, that is emailed to you in your confirmation receipt. Please take a few moments to complete this form so Laura and LiLi can tailor the workshop to everyone’s needs. 

You’ll have lots of opportunities to write. We’ll share writing activities to help you draw inspiration from nature, with the option to contribute to a well of ideas for future writing.

What will you do in the workshop? 

We’ll spend most of our time writing, with some of the time creating resources for writing in the future, and some time doing guided imaginative journeys.

Bring writing and drawing materials if you have them. Bring a book or two if you like.

What can you expect? 

This is a welcoming space wherever you’re at with your writing. You can expect to come away with some new pieces of writing and new ideas you may want to take further and enter into the This Is Our Place writing competition.

All forms are welcome, whether you want to write poetry or prose or tweets or novels or letters or telegrams or text messages.

All our activities are suggestions – do which ones appeal to you and feel free to do your own thing instead.

Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is for anyone who would like to attend, but it is particularly focused towards Londoners from backgrounds underrepresented in publishing, including but not limited to:
– Disabled,
– Working class,
– Writers of colour* (
Black, Asian, Arab, Mixed-Raced and Non-white Latinx)  

Londoners from underrepresented backgrounds in publishing who attend any of the This Is Our Place workshops in person or online can enter the This Is Our Place competition. 

Additional Info 

This workshop is free to you, and we ask that as far as possible by booking a place you commit to attending. Places are limited.

Please bring writing materials, whether that’s pen & paper, a laptop, a phone… whatever you like to use to write. Feel free to bring a book (any book!) with you too.

You are welcome to attend as many of the This Is Our Place online workshops as you would like (there are four in total). Places at the in person This Is Our Place workshops are limited to one per person.

Access Notice 

  • This masterclass is auto-captioned.

  • All our online events have a relaxed format; you are welcome to take breaks at any point and turn your camera off. All our online sessions have breaks.

  • This workshop takes place on Zoom. As standard, we will send the weblinks out a week in advance. If you require the dial in phone number, email us [email protected] and we can send it through to you. Please take a look at Zoom’s accessibility info:

  • If you have additional access needs, please contact us and we will support you to participate in this event.

About Laura Barker and LiLi K. Bright

Laura Barker

This Is Our Place writer-in-residence

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Laura Barker is a writer, artist, and facilitator. She runs an LGBT black writing group in London. Her work has appeared in Apparition Lit, midnight & indigo, and The Other Stories. She has guest edited for Apparition Lit, and her YA novel Picnics was shortlisted for the Faber Andlyn (FAB) Prize.

LiLi K. Bright

This Is Our Place writer-in-residence

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LiLi K. Bright is a writer, workshop leader and huge tree nerd. They’re currently writing a collection of nature poetry and short stories. They were selected for The Future is Back writing award in 2019 and have performed at Gay’s the Word.