How you can give back at this year’s Deptford Literature Festival


In recognition of the impact of the cost of living on many within our community, we are putting in place the following for this year’s Deptford Literature Festival on Saturday 18 March 2023 at the Festival Marketplace at Deptford Lounge.

  • A community mutual aid notice board in the foyer at Deptford Lounge, inviting people to buy a book from one of the Festival booksellers, if they can, for people who cannot afford one.

  • A collection point for Kath’s Place food bank. If you’re in a position to donate, please bring along a donation for the food bank from the list below and bring your donation to the Festival Hub at Deptford Lounge on the Festival day between 10am–5pm.


  • toothpaste (for both adults and children);

  • deodorant;

  • shampoo;

  • sanitary towels and

  • toilet rolls.


  • tinned fish / meat;

  • sugar;

  • washing up liquid;

  • washing powder;

  • jam;

  • cooking oil;

  • beans;

  • coffee;

  • squash and

  • rice. 


  • Support the Festival with a donation. Deptford Literature Festival celebrates local talent and introduces exciting new writers from Lewisham and nearby boroughs. We want everyone to be able to join in the workshops, readings, events and community projects for free. We do not want finances to be a barrier to anyone taking part. If you are in a position to make a donation, please give a gift today. Anything you give will help more people come to future Festivals for free. Our typical ticket price, without donations, is £10.

    Please give what you can through this link: or use the QR code below.

A QR code in turquoise

Published Monday 6 March 2023