Voice Notes from London: A Collaborative Poem

Special Feature

On 8 December a group of young poets from across London took part in a workshop at the Roundhouse led by Young People’s Laureate for London, Momtaza Mehri, with poets Abondance Matanda and Oakley Flanagan.

They reflected on what was important to them about London, and worked together to create a poem for London.

The result is ‘Voice Notes from London’ a collaborative poem capturing what London means to the young people who live and work there.

We are grateful to The Roundhouse for hosting the Poetry Lab and to the talented poets who composed and performed ‘Voice Notes from London’: Aizaz, Aman, Bella, Bien, Elliot, Fatima, George, Jessica, Jinhao, Katie, Katie, Kit, Michael, Oliver, Orin, Shija and Tasnima.

You can join the conversation on social media #LaureateforLondon

Published 28 January 2019