Spread the Word’s summer 2020 programme


We are delighted to announce our Summer programme, running from July through to September.

Come and be part of an online writing community with our Write Together workshops led by JJ Bola for writers of all levels; take part in our Developing Tutors workshop programme with Iqbal Hussain, Esther Poyer and Chris Simpson looking at sharpening your prose, the benefits of failure and making your dialogue sing; and sign up for  Kira-Anne Pelican’s workshop where you’ll  discover how to use psychology to create characters.

Through our create-write-connect campaign we are committed to creating free accessible opportunities for writers in recognition of the financial difficulties many people are facing. We are delighted to share that nine of the workshops in our new season are free, with the paid for opportunity offered at low cost.

If you are in a position to make a donation to our campaign to support writers, Spread the Word and the invaluable work of the Trussell Trust, you can do so here: https://www.totalgiving.co.uk/appeal/spreadthewordxthetrusselltrust

Details on our full programme can be found below. Please note that all workshops will take place on Zoom.

We welcome all writers onto our workshops. If you have access requirements and would like to attend, please email [email protected], to discuss how we can support your needs.

Write Together with JJ Bola

An opportunity for writers of all levels to be part of an online writing community, engaging in fortnightly sessions themed around an aspect of the craft or an interview with an established writer. There are six sessions in the series – you are welcome to join them all.

22 July, 6:30-8pm
5 August, 6:30-8pm
19 August, 6:30-8pm
2 September, 6:30-8pm
16 September, 6:30-8pm
30 September, 6:30-8pm


Book here: https://www.spreadtheword.org.uk/workshops-events/

How to Sharpen Your Prose with Iqbal Hussain*
Whether you’ve written a short story, poetry or a novel, make every word count. In this highly practical workshop, you will learn vital tips to make your prose sing.

29 July, 6:30-8.30pm
FREE (Developing Tutors series)
Book here: https://www.spreadtheword.org.uk/events/how-to-sharpen-your-prose-with-iqbal-hussain/

The Hidden Benefits of Failure with Chris Simpson*

Chris Simpson believes that failure is a motivating force that you can bring into your writing. In his workshop you will learn how you can respond effectively to “failure” and ways in which it can revitalise your writing project. 

26 August, 6:30-8:30pm
Book here: https://www.spreadtheword.org.uk/events/the-hidden-benefits-of-failure-with-chris-simpson/

Psychology for Writers with Kira-Anne Pelican
A workshop exploring how you can apply tools from psychology towards creating more memorable and believable characters.

8 September, 6:30-8:30pm
Book here: https://www.spreadtheword.org.uk/events/psychology-for-writers-with-kira-anne-pelican/

Dust to Flesh: writing dialogue that makes your characters come alive with Esther Poyer*

A workshop that demonstrates how great dialogue always stems from the underlying tension in character and plot, and how you can apply this to your writing.

22 September, 6:30-8:30pm
Book here: https://www.spreadtheword.org.uk/events/dust-to-flesh-writing-dialogue-that-makes-your-characters-come-alive-with-esther-poyer

Members of the London Writers Network scheme get 10% off our paid courses and a free space at our London Writers Network event: How to Get into Writing Picture Books with Bell Lomax Moreton.

This session will cover the practical elements of how to get started into writing picture books, developing your craft as a picture book writer to finding an agent. It will be paired with a call for picture book submissions which will open on Tuesday 1 September. Successful entries will get feedback from Bell Lomax Moreton.

Book here: https://www.spreadtheword.org.uk/events/london-writers-network-how-to-get-into-writing-picture-books-with-bell-lomax-moreton/

*Please note that you can only book onto one of the Developing Tutor series workshop, as there are limited spaces for these sessions, and we want to open them up to as many people as possible.

Updated 11 August 2020